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  • What is the ideal rate of Weight Loss

    Most people who follow a fitness program to lose weight get great success with their effort in the first week. However, the rate of weight loss starts to slow down in subsequent weeks. This happens because during the first stage of fitness program, you lose a lot of body fluids which helps you in losing […]

  • Dealing with Stomach Infection during Pregnancy

    Both pregnant and non-pregnant women are equally susceptible of suffering from stomach infection. Even though the symptoms of stomach infection are same in both pregnant and non-pregnant women, pregnant women most take special care to ensure the health of their unborn child is not affected. Understanding Stomach infection The main cause of infection in the […]

  • Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

    If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important that you know the effects of the surgery on your pregnancy. Health experts are of the opinion that if you are planning to have a child in the near future – in 6 months or 1 year, it is a good idea to […]

  • Lactic Acid and Muscles

    When you workout, we begin to breathe faster to help the body pump more oxygen to the muscles. At times, when we do strenuous exercises or lift weights, the muscles need more oxygen than what the body can deliver. To fulfil this excessive energy requirement; the body generates energy using a process called glycolysis. This […]

  • How Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms can affect you

    Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms develop when people stop a drug called gabapentin which is used to treat pain and seizures. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include tiredness, catatonia, changes in heart rate, and seizures. Some experts have compared gabapentin withdrawal symptoms with symptoms associated with benzodiazepine or alcohol dependence. When gabapentin was released, most health experts […]

  • Tips to deal with Gingivitis

    Gingivitis is a common gum problem that has affected millions of people. Gums that get infected with this disease become swollen, sensitive and they bleed easily. If you suffer from gingivitis, even small stimuli like brushing your teeth or eating a hard substance can lead to bleeding. This gum disease is considered the prelude to […]

  • Health problems due to problems in the mouth

    The fact that teeth are connected to other muscles, tissues and other organs of the body means that a person can suffer from gland and heart problem because they have problem in their teeth. Also, studies have shown that dental infections can lead to diabetes. So, you want to be healthy you must check the […]

  • Which Treatment Center Should You Choose For Addictions

    Drug addiction is not an easy thing to face. It can be an even more difficult thing to face on your own. One of the most difficult things about overcoming any type of addiction is deciding whether or not you want to get treatment. Treatment can very easily be the best thing for any person […]

  • Where Can I Find Reliable Information on Alternative Health Products?

    Good health is a blessing for everyone, and most of us do whatever we can to stay in good health, or get back to good health. Good health relies on good medical care and on taking care of ourselves. This includes exercise, proper nutrition and often plain common sense. An increasing number of people also […]

  • Alternative Therapies – A Growing Field in Healthcare

    As more and more people begin searching for medications and therapies that do not fall into the conventional realm of medical care, alternative therapies have become increasingly popular. Alternative therapies is an umbrella term that encompass a wide array of health care practices, including homeopathic therapy, energy therapy, mind-body medicine, and osteopathic manipulation. Alternative therapies […]