Health problems due to problems in the mouth

The fact that teeth are connected to other muscles, tissues and other organs of the body means that a person can suffer from gland and heart problem because they have problem in their teeth. Also, studies have shown that dental infections can lead to diabetes. So, you want to be healthy you must check the health of gums and teeth.

Neurological Control

Health experts are of the view that teeth have neurological control over other parts of the body. Teeth are connected to other parts of the body via the nerves. In fact, 45 percent of sensory and motor nerves of the brain’s cerebral cortex are connected to the face and mouth. This connection between the teeth and the brains explain why dental problems are responsible for problems in other parts of the body.

Also, the lymphatic vessels of your teeth use the same lymphatic nodes that are used by thyroid gland. This means that all materials and infections which leak out from the teeth have to pass through thyroid gland. This drainage from the teeth could be one of the reasons why so many people suffer from thyroid problems. Any problem in the teeth and gums could migrate to thyroid glands. Even medicines and vaccines given to kids can get trapped in thyroid gland.

Health Problems

The impact of teeth and mouth on the body can be gauged from the fact that people have suffered from congestive heart failure because they had step infection in their teeth. In another incident, a person who suffered from emphysema for over 15 years recovered from the problem after an infection from previous tooth extraction. Doctors have also come across cases were people have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis because they had infection in their teeth.

Dysfunctional Triggers

Clinical evidence given by health experts show that problem in gums and tooth can have a negative impact on the related organs. In some cases, problem in the organ can cause problem in mouth. For example, a problem in the adrenal glands can lead to problems in the teeth. Some people can also suffer from problem in the mouth because of head injury. In a recent incident, a woman suffered from temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) pain because she had suffered from a head injury when she was in high school.

Problems in Organs

My friend was suffering from heart arrhythmia for several years. Recently he was admitted to a hospital where he was kept in an ICU for 3 nights. The doctors did not find any problem in his heart. He later when to a chiropractor for pain in the jaw that extended down to his chest and hands. He was sent to an emergency room were the doctors examined the condition of his heart, intestines and gall bladder. They sent him home without a new treatment, as there was nothing wrong with his organs.

My friend then went to his family doctor who suggested that he should go to a dentist for possible problems in his teeth. The dentist when cleaning his teeth found that there was an infection in third molar socket. When the infection was cleaned, the pain disappeared from the body.

Form the example, it is clear that problem in teeth can affect other parts of the body. So it is important that you keep your teeth clean and infection free.

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